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The essence of our Group
Operating in 14 countries on four continents, our Group is the world’s 5th largest urban public transport operator. Every day, our 61,000 employees strive in common cause to develop a sustainable, intelligent city by designing, operating and maintaining innovative transport services on behalf of our passengers, in France and worldwide.

01. The RATP Group in a nutshell

Since 1949 we have been designing, operating and maintaining metro, rail, bus and tramway networks in the Île-de-France region and around the world, via our numerous subsidiaries. Our top priorities are sustainable mobility and quality passenger services. We innovate constantly to provide safer, more environmentally friendly and accessible public transport services.

Our Group is one of the rare public transport specialists to manage a 100-year old, multi-modal transport network – the Parisian network – which we are adapting to meet new expectations while guaranteeing daily operations. We have also set numerous records, such as the Gautrain Express, the most modern train in Africa, or Dubai’s 75-km fully-automated metro network, or the 72,000 passengers transported every hour to Mecca.

Since July 2017, Catherine Guillouard has been our Group’s CEO and chairwoman.

Key figures

million daily travels

02. An integrated group with global expertise

Wide-gauge automated metros, tramways, hybrid and electric buses, interurban express trains (RER), stations and hubs open to urban life, eco-designed systems: our Group has unique experience in integrated engineering, which we have developed over the course of many years around our top priority: the passenger. Recognised the world over for our operational mastery of complex systems and our comprehensive vision of a system’s life cycle, we provide our customers – local governments and companies – with customised solutions tailored to their needs.

Be they public transport networks designed by us or by others, we operate and maintain thousands of kilometres of metro, bus and tramway lines, as well as interurban rail systems (RER).

Our core business is to ensure sufficient transport capacity, regular service and exemplary passenger services. Close to our passengers, day after day we are attentive to their expectations in terms of information and guidance, safety, accessibility… We have exceptional expertise to enhance passenger flows and improve the quality of services thanks to cutting-edge tools: real-time passenger information, radio positioning of vehicles, monitoring of travel times, electronic ticketing and contactless travel passes, etc.

Eco-designed infrastructure and spaces, energy-saving equipment, non-polluting vehicles, eco-driving, and the integration of alternative modes of transport: we are exploring and perfecting innovative technology and procedures on behalf of sustainable mobility.

03. Firmly implanted in the Île-de-France region

With our 220 km of metro lines, 351 bus lines, and our tramway and RER networks, we ensure the continuity, quality, performance and safety of public transport services in the greater Paris area for more than 3 billion passengers each year.

In the early 2000s, we launched one of the largest modernisation programmes in the history of our metro network: Metro2030. We are also one of the key players in the construction of the Grand Paris Express, which implies notably the extension of four metro lines to bring Paris closer to its surrounding districts.

With Bus2025, we have engaged in a major ecological and technological transformation that will make us the world leader in clean buses. Our goal: to have a fleet of 4,700 buses comprised exclusively of green vehicles with low greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

In addition to modernising our networks, we are building a comprehensive mobility offer, one that integrates public transport and shared individual mobility: transport on demand, car sharing, ride sharing, and self-driving shuttles. We work in close collaboration with STIF, the transport organising authority for the Île-de-France region that is responsible for organising, coordinating and financing public transport for the region’s passengers. Together, we strive to improve the networks, notably by increasing the human presence dedicated to assisting passengers, safety and other passenger services. Thanks to a contract signed in November 2015 and covering the period 2016-2020, we will benefit from EUR 8.5 billion in investment to renew our rolling stock and invest in our metro and RER stations.

04. Worldwide presence

From the streets of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where we built a bus network from scratch to relieve traffic congestion in this megalopolis of 5.7 million inhabitants, to the tramways of Tucson, Hong Kong and Florence, and our metros in São Paulo, Seoul and Mumbai, the RATP group is present in the four corners of the globe.

Creation of transport networks, day-to-day operation, development of existing networks… we adapt ourselves to our clients’ expectations and specificities with customised engineering solutions that are tailored to meet local needs. We seek optimised solutions via public-private partnerships; we participate in the enhancement of urban spaces; and we ensure the training of future drivers, operators and staff. Our commitment: to establish attentive, qualitative and durable relations.


of the international turnover

05. Dynamic subsidiaries in complementary lines of business

Our Group’s powerful operational effectiveness is now highly structured, with roughly a hundred subsidiaries in complementary lines of business. With their dynamic spirit, we are able to win contracts in three key fields: public transport, engineering and urban development.

  • For high performance, multimodal transport systems

RATP Dev manages urban and interurban multimodal transport networks outside of the Île-de-France region and internationally: design and operation, maintenance, safety, passenger information, etc. Active in thirty French départements and 14 countries on four continents, RATP Dev has 14,000 employees and generates 71% of its revenue outside of France.

  • For innovative engineering solutions

Systra, a joint subsidiary of RATP and SNCF, is one of the world leaders in the design and construction of major transport infrastructure projects: Dubai metro, Casablanca tramway, and the Greater London interurban rail network. Systra has references in more than 150 countries on five continents.

Ixxi, a specialist in intelligent mobility, proposes end-to-end solutions for innovative and adaptable passenger information systems. Ixxi is already present in the UK, Italy, Kazakhstan and Morocco.

Métrolab, a research laboratory dedicated entirely to the equipment of the future, develops technical solutions based on our expertise and that of our partner, Alstom.

  • For urban development and asset management

Promométro enhances the value of retail spaces. By attracting big name retailers to the network (the first Marks & Spencer food store) as well as innovative services (medical analysis laboratories, water bikes…), it facilitates the daily life of passengers.

Telcité has been deploying for the past 15 years the largest fibre optic network in the metro and RER of the Île-de-France region.

SEDP manages and develops real estate assets and land, and proposes real-estate engineering services (construction and management of RATP’s property assets), while Logis-Transport ensures the management of low-income housing.

  • For investment

Capital Innovation is 100% owned by the RATP Group and has capital of EUR 30 million. Through RATP Capital Innovation, the Group’s ambition is to take innovation even further. The subsidiary makes direct investments in innovative start-ups, as well as indirect investments through equity stakes in certain targeted investment funds whose investment themes correspond to the Group’s key innovation and development priorities.

RATP Group Expertise Subsidiaries Key figures