The Musée de l’Homme welcomes Sebastião Salgado

Until 30 June 2019, whether it is your first time or you are revisiting, come and get a glimpse of Sebastião Salgado's 40-year photographic career with a selection of 30 photographs taken in 20 countries.

In this exhibition, Sebastião Salgado's photographs illustrate some of the articles in the Declaration (of Human Rights), such as the right of asylum, the freedom of thought, of conscience and of religion, the right to work, and others. These articles echo the humanist values carried by the Museum since its creation in 1937, illustrated by the photographer with a retrospective look at his work.

The images are moving testimonies that embody the need to defend, on a daily basis, the rights set forth in the Declaration of Human Rights, in every part of the world, highlighting the universal scope of these words.

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